Wayne Seddon Graphic Design

Unique Performance Coaching

Unique Performance Coaching (UPC) is a new health and wellbeing company based in the North East, ran by two personal trainers, Gavin Cogdon and John Bowes. They are more than just personal trainers though, they strongly believe in fully educating their clients so they can become self-sufficient, from technique and nutrition, to lifestyle choices and mental wellbeing, they cover all areas of your general health and happiness.


The Logo & Branding

The first two initials of the company name spell ‘UP’, this made a perfect acronym to create a logo from. Using white space I introduced an arrow between the initials U & P. This alone was simple yet strong enough to create the base of the UPC brand. Other ideas included the use of a finger print, as the UPC are big on creating workout plans that are unique to you, and also a more prestigious concept with the use of a serif font and metallic gold to represent the quality of knowledge and advice that is on offer at UPC.

As part of the design process I created some merchandise mock ups to help Gav and John visualise the brand in the real world.



The Website Design & Build

The brand identity of black and gold carried through to the website creating a strong and contemporary look and feel. The website consists of a useful blog which is updated regularly with practical advice and insight. There’s clear packages to choose from with pricing tables which display what the packages offer and how they differ to your regular gym and personal trainers, the user can sign up, pay and manage their account online. There’s also a floating button on every page which allows the user to book a 1-2-1 session with one of the trainers. The next phase of the website is to create an online store for the UPC merchandise.