JD Sports

JD Sports

JD Sports Web Design | Email Design I spent 2 weeks as a freelance web designer for JD Sports to help out during their busy Christmas period. During my time there I designed and developed promotional web pages for their JD Heroes campaign and Christmas Most Wanted campaign, including promotional web banners for their website […]

New Business Cards?

New Business Cards? I’ve recently had my own business cards printed and this inspired me to write an article about the design process and the options available to you. Content Comes First Content is king so make sure you have all the relevant information and corporate messages you want to communicate before we start the design […]

Illustrator Screen Cast

Illustrator Screencast I’ve been wanting to do a screen-cast for sometime now and I’ve finally had the chance. The video shows me using Adobe Illustrator to create some wall art for upstairs in the First Internet office. I was limited to 5 minutes recording time which was almost enough! Watch the video and see the finished artwork […]

Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift

Andrew Swift Web Design | Logo Design Andrew Swift is a modern, cutting edge hospitality recruitment consultancy that has redefined the role of the agency, bringing a uniquely tailored approach to each and every single client and candidate enquiry that they receive – and they chose me to design their logo and website. Andrew Swift […]

Children’s Adventure Farm

CAFT Homepage

Children’s Adventure Farm Web Design | Illustration The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust had been a client of First Internet’s for quite a while, and their website needed a revamp. Since they’re such a great charity we didn’t hold back on the creativity and cool features, such as; the flying Twitter bird, the interactive map of […]

Jade Jones

Jade Jones

Jade Jones Web Design I got in touch with Jade via Twitter explaining that I designed and built Sarah Stevenson’s website and asked if she would like one too. She said yes and the rest is history. Jade went on to win gold at the London 2012 Olympic games in her sport Tae Kwon Do […]

Simplicity New Look

Simplicity Newlook

Simplicity New Look Web Design Simplicity came to First Internet wanting us to redesign their website. I kept the design as simple and minimalist as I could, obviously taking inspiration from the name of the company. This is my original design, but the client made a few amends of their own, to see the final […]

AIDA in web design

AIDA in Web Design Ever since 1897 when E. St. Elmo Lewis started to contemplate about advertising principles we’ve abided by his four step process of selling a product or service to potential customers, attract attention, maintain interest, create desire and get action, which has been turned into the marketing acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire […]

Better, Safer Nights Out

Better Safer Nights Out

Better, Safer Nights Out Multi-Channel Advertising Campaign Problem People who can’t handle their drink and spoil nights out for other people. Growing health problems related to binge-drinking. The Government raising taxes on alcohol. Using passports/driving licenses as I.D. and then loosing them.    Solution A drinking license for individuals. You will need a drinking license […]

PUMA – Olympic Games


PUMA – Olympic Games Concept The main concept behind my PUMA campaign is related to meditation. People throughout China practice meditation as part of their religion so therefore I thought it would be an appropriate theme. The way I related meditation with PUMA was through their Sports Couture clothing range and the idea is that […]