Spennymoor Town FC

Spennymoor Town FC Web Design | Social Media | Print Design | Signage Being the big football fan that I am, when I was asked to redesign and rebuild the website of Spennymoor Town FC (STFC) I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Now I know some of you reading this may be thinking […]

Great Annual Savings

Great Annual Savings Web Design | Print Design | Ad Campaigns When I first joined Great Annual Savings (GAS) I was brought in to simply create graphics for the website as well as any print collateral they needed. However, when I found out they were spending £30k a year on the website and it would […]

The Professional Web Design Process

The Professional Web Design Process Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up my workflow and thus saves you money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services you’re paying for. This article […]

Tailor Your Website Content

Tailor your website content Designing a website without content is like designing a tailor made suite without the measurements. The finished product may look great but if nothing fits, you’re going to look stupid! There are many articles debating which is more important, your websites content or the design of your website. The truth is, […]

SEO Tips for Clients

SEO Tips for Clients If you’re in the process of having a new website designed and made for you, and you’re a little confused about SEO and what it is/does. Don’t worry, a lot of it is common sense and I’ll give you a few quick tips to consider when planning content for your website.

JD Williams

JD Williams Web Design | UX Design | UI Design Overview I was the Senior Web Designer for JD Williams. My main responsibility was to make sure the brand guidelines translated well in an online presence, resulting in a consistent cross channel look and feel. I worked with the offline design team to communicate any […]

Fashion World

Fashion World

Fashion World Web Design When I joined JD Williams in January 2013 one of my first major tasks was to redesign the Fashion World e-commerce website for the Autumn / Winter 2013 season. In the Fashion World brand pack it describes how Fashion World is a down-to-earth, straight talking, no nonsense brand. I wanted to reflect […]

Joe Deen

Joe Deen Web Design | Logo Design Joe Deen are a new multimedia design company based in Greater Manchester, who specialise in video production but offer many design services. Due to a very busy schedule they came to me and asked if I could help lighten the load. I was more than happy to help […]

Prime Chiropractic

Prime Chirpractic

Prime Chiropractic Web Design | Print Design Prime Chiropractic were opening a new practice in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The owner, Mark Jessop, got in touch with me asking for a leaflet design and a new website. As well as creating the leaflet and website I also gave his logo a make-over. Previously the website was built […]

JD Sports

JD Sports

JD Sports Web Design | Email Design I spent 2 weeks as a freelance web designer for JD Sports to help out during their busy Christmas period. During my time there I designed and developed promotional web pages for their JD Heroes campaign and Christmas Most Wanted campaign, including promotional web banners for their website […]