Wayne Seddon Graphic Design

Great Annual Savings

Great Annual Savings Web Design | Print Design | Ad Campaigns When I first joined Great Annual Savings (GAS) I was brought in to simply create graphics for the website as well as any print collateral they needed. However, when I found out they were spending £30k a year on the website and it would […]

Prime Chiropractic

Prime Chirpractic

Prime Chiropractic Web Design | Print Design Prime Chiropractic were opening a new practice in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The owner, Mark Jessop, got in touch with me asking for a leaflet design and a new website. As well as creating the leaflet and website I also gave his logo a make-over. Previously the website was built […]

New Business Cards?

New Business Cards? I’ve recently had my own business cards printed and this inspired me to write an article about the design process and the options available to you. Content Comes First Content is king so make sure you have all the relevant information and corporate messages you want to communicate before we start the design […]

Better, Safer Nights Out

Better Safer Nights Out

Better, Safer Nights Out Multi-Channel Advertising Campaign Problem People who can’t handle their drink and spoil nights out for other people. Growing health problems related to binge-drinking. The Government raising taxes on alcohol. Using passports/driving licenses as I.D. and then loosing them.    Solution A drinking license for individuals. You will need a drinking license […]

PUMA – Olympic Games


PUMA – Olympic Games Concept The main concept behind my PUMA campaign is related to meditation. People throughout China practice meditation as part of their religion so therefore I thought it would be an appropriate theme. The way I related meditation with PUMA was through their Sports Couture clothing range and the idea is that […]



Anti-Bullying Illustration | University Work Brief Outline Create an activity pack to promote anti-bullying that children will receive free inside popular children’s magazines and comic books. The pack will contain the following; a paper toy character that the child can to make themselves, a blank template of the net so the child can design their […]

Lucy Locket Summer Catalogue

Lucy Locket

Lucy Locket Summer Catalogue Print Design Lucy Locket gave me my first full time position as a Graphic Designer. Here’s where I first started to learn HTML and CSS as I designed and built their HTML email newsletters. As Lucy Locket sold their products world wide I had to recreate the newsletters different languages, such […]

Honda Brochure for Goodwood


Honda Brochure for Goodwood Print Design As well as Land Rover, Lotus and Chatfields Truck & Van, another big name brand I designed promotional material for was Honda. I created brochure, leaflets, posters and outdoor banners. I designed and built the HTML email newsletters and animated Flash web banners. Click expand on the brochure to […]

Range Rover Brochure

Range Rover

Range Rover Brochure Print Design Land Rover and Range Rover were one of the franchises I designed promotional material for during my time at Stratstone Marketing. As part of my  responsibilities I designed brochures, leaflets, posters and outdoor banners. As part of my online design duties I designed and built HTML email newsletters and animated Flash […]