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Unique Performance Coaching

Unique Performance Coaching Unique Performance Coaching (UPC) is a new health and wellbeing company based in the North East, ran by two personal trainers, Gavin Cogdon and John Bowes. They are more than just personal trainers though, they strongly believe in fully educating their clients so they can become self-sufficient, from technique and nutrition, to […]

Procure Smart

Procure Smart Who are Procure Smart? Procure Smart are a brand new B2B service switching provider with a smart future. It’s brand voice is more reminiscent of a comparison website than a utilities broker, with language like “switch smarter” and “get smart” alluding to the business’ tech related ambitions.   The Brand & Logo Procure […]


Kleara Logo & Branding You may have seen the ITV documentary John and Joe: Life After Deaf where John Bishop tells the story of how his family came to terms with his son, Joe, becoming partially deaf after a particularly bad viral infection when he was a teenager. Offscreen, John and Joe had discussed how […]

The Future Hub

The Future Hub What is the Future hub? Great Annual Savings created a work experience scheme in partnership with Sunderland and Hartlepool colleges. Students of all ages could gain real world experience in a work place, improving their communication skills and self confidence in the process.   How did I help? I was tasked with […]

Logo Design & Brand Development

Logo Design & Brand Development Top Tips Examples of Work Get in Touch   Imagine you’re going to a job interview, a first date, or meeting your other halves parents for the first time, what would you wear? Shorts and footy top? Of course not, why? Because first impressions matter – a lot! Now think […]