Making a trail for TechNExt

Promoting the North East's tech excellence

TechNExt is the tech festival for the North East, hosted by a partnership of North East businesses and stakeholders working collaboratively to shape the event. The festival is funded by local authority partnerships, ticket revenue and sponsorship.

A festival steering committee brings together key collaborators and plans are developing across a multitude of stakeholders.

With thousands of attendees across key cities including Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough, TechNExt asked us to create a trail using their branding to promote exploration and as a vehicle for competitions to win exciting prizes.



Building the TechNExt T

TechNExt may be a brand-new festival for 2023, but its branding is immediately recognisable to members of the tech industry in the North East.

To reinforce the brand presence across the T-Hunt trails, we recreated their bold and bright logo T in 3D, animated for each augmented reality trail point.

Visitors who completed all the points on their trail won an augmented reality TechNExt T trophy, and the chance to enter a competition and win exciting prizes.

Ready to make your own exciting augmented reality trails?

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