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No Mo, No Mercy. Movember ’13

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This year I’ll be taking part in Movember to raise money for Mens Health charities. Fighting the good fight against testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues. However, I’ve had the ability to grow a beard since the age of 9, so it does seem a bit too easy. So in order to make things a bit more interesting I’m going to let you decide what type of facial hair I should grow! Read more

Facebook Pet Peeves

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Like 901 million other people in the world – I’m on Facebook. With that many people posting status updates there’s bound to be a few little things that annoy us from time to time. So here’s a short list of my Facebook pet peeves.

NB: Please accept my apologies for any foul or patronising language used in this blog post. Read more

My New Business Cards

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I’ve recently had my own business cards printed and this inspired me to write an article about the design process and the options available to you.

But first of all, take a look at mine:

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Rival Neighbours

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Manchester Rivalry

Once upon a time there were two neighbours, Al and Bob. Every year they would have a competition to see who had the best house. Read more

Vintage Vegas!!!

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Thai Food
More birthday drinks

I’ve just got back from Las Vegas and thought I’d share a few holiday snaps with y’all.

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Campaign for Better, Safer Nights Out

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Better Safer Nights Out

The governments recent ban on cheap alcohol has made me think about a campaign I started as my Final Major Project at university (2007/2008) and the Facebook group I created which has now been turned into a Facebook page. Please ‘Like’ the page if you like my idea.


  • People who can’t handle their drink and spoil nights out for other people.
  • Growing health problems related to binge-drinking.
  • The Government raising taxes on alcohol.
  • Using passports/driving licenses as I.D. and then loosing them.


A drinking license for individuals. Read more