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Great Annual Savings

Web Design | Print Design | Ad Campaigns

When I first joined Great Annual Savings (GAS) I was brought in to simply create graphics for the website as well as any print collateral they needed. However, when I found out they were spending £30k a year on the website and it would usually take at least a week to make the simplest of changes, I took it upon myself to bring the website in-house and rebuild it using WordPress. Now, not only have they saved tens of thousands of pounds on agency fees, they can make changes to the website whenever, however they wish, making them far more reactive and efficient. Also, the homepage loading time went from an unacceptable 10+ seconds to under a much more compliant two seconds. I would also create bespoke landing pages for PPC campaigns and online banner ads for remarketing campaigns.

Over the years the website has proved to be an effective lead generation tool and has contributed to millions of pounds worth of business.

Great Annual Savings Group

It wasn’t just their online presence I helped improve, I created a portfolio of print material such as brochures, posters, flyers, press ads, pull-up banners and advertising boards. GAS had a large field sales team who would go to trade shows as well as door-to-door business networking, making sure they had professional looking marketing collateral not only gave them more confidence to do their day job, it gave the potential customer more confidence in them too. I would often produce bespoke brochures and pricing proposals when a sales person had a larger customer to present to, this would give them the edge over the competition showing that GAS would go that extra mile. During my time at GAS I helped the sales team win millions of pounds worth of business by assisting them with their pitches.

One of the more creative jobs at GAS was working on their recruitment campaigns. It was a challenge finding the right balance between something that would grab the target audiences attention while remaining on brand. Here are some examples of recruitment campaigns I worked on.

Recruitment campaigns and social media went hand-in-hand, so when the business decided to launch an Instagram account I created some brand guidelines for the companies Instagram tag #TheGASLife.

Other projects included;

  • Creating a brand identity for the staff benefits portal, My GAS World.
  • Creating a brand identity for The Future Hub, a collaboration with local colleges to help students gain work experience.
  • Creating a brand identity for their onsite gym and wellness centre; GASFit, and their onsite canteen; The GASTRO.
  • Plus other projects the company is looking into, more to come soon…