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The Professional Web Design Process

The Professional Web Design Process

Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up my workflow and thus saves you money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services you’re paying for. This article will give a general outline of the steps needed to be taken, from start to finish, for completing a web design and development project. It’s divided into 3 main sections; Planning, Design and Development. Read more

Tailor Your Website Content

Designing a website without content is like designing a tailor made suite without the measurements.

The finished product may look great but if nothing fits, you’re going to look stupid!

There are many articles debating which is more important, your websites content or the design of your website. The truth is, they’re both equally important and neither one would work well without the other. Your website could have excellent copy which is really engaging and informative, but if it’s laid out badly and your website looks dull and boring, who’s going to stick around and read it? Equally, if your website looks the bee’s knees with eye-catching imagery, an attractive colour palette and a cool logo, but doesn’t have any substance behind it, then users will leave your website disappointed and probably won’t come back. Read more

So how do we strike the right balance?

SEO Tips for Clients

If you’re in the process of having a new website designed and made for you, and you’re a little confused about SEO and what it is/does. Don’t worry, a lot of it is common sense and I’ll give you a few quick tips to consider when planning content for your website. Read more

No Mo, No Mercy. Movember ’13

This year I’ll be taking part in Movember to raise money for Mens Health charities. Fighting the good fight against testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues. However, I’ve had the ability to grow a beard since the age of 9, so it does seem a bit too easy. So in order to make things a bit more interesting I’m going to let you decide what type of facial hair I should grow! Read more

Facebook Pet Peeves

Like 901 million other people in the world – I’m on Facebook. With that many people posting status updates there’s bound to be a few little things that annoy us from time to time. So here’s a short list of my Facebook pet peeves.

NB: Please accept my apologies for any foul or patronising language used in this blog post. Read more

Free Halloween Sketches

It’s the first of October and Halloween is almost here! Over the years I’ve downloaded my fair share of stock imagery, which isn’t cheating, it’s just easier when you haven’t got the luxury of time, money or resources to create your own imagery. Well recently I have had the time to create my own Halloween sketches for a recent job I did, and I thought I’d give something back to the design community and let you download them for free. Enjoy!

Download Free Source Files

Free Stock Halloween Vector Images

My New Business Cards

I’ve recently had my own business cards printed and this inspired me to write an article about the design process and the options available to you.

But first of all, take a look at mine:

Read more

Illustrator Screen Cast

I’ve been wanting to do a screen-cast for sometime now and I’ve finally had the chance. The video shows me using Adobe Illustrator to create some wall art for upstairs in the First Internet office. I was limited to 5 minutes recording time which was almost enough! Watch the video and see the finished artwork in situ below.



Free Advice

AIDA in web design

Ever since 1897 when E. St. Elmo Lewis started to contemplate about advertising principles we’ve abided by his four step process of selling a product or service to potential customers, attract attention, maintain interest, create desire and get action, which has been turned into the marketing acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). Web design is no different. Read more

Manchester Rivalry

Rival Neighbours

Once upon a time there were two neighbours, Al and Bob. Every year they would have a competition to see who had the best house. Read more

Vintage Vegas!!!

I’ve just got back from Las Vegas and thought I’d share a few holiday snaps with y’all. Read more