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Campaign for Better, Safer Nights Out

Better Safer Nights Out

The governments recent ban on cheap alcohol has made me think about a campaign I started as my Final Major Project at university (2007/2008) and the Facebook group I created which has now been turned into a Facebook page. Please ‘Like’ the page if you like my idea.


  • People who can’t handle their drink and spoil nights out for other people.
  • Growing health problems related to binge-drinking.
  • The Government raising taxes on alcohol.
  • Using passports/driving licenses as I.D. and then loosing them.


A drinking license for individuals. You will need a drinking license to get served alcohol, no matter where you buy it from or how old you are. If you get caught braking the law whilst under the influence of alcohol you will receive points on your licence and a fine. The license card will initially be free to purchase. 4 points equals a month’s suspension and the culprit will have to pay to replace their drinking license card. 8 points means a longer suspension of 3 month’s and once again the offender would have to pay to replace the card. If you receive 12 points you will have your licence revoked and will be banned from drinking for a year. This will teach irresponsible drinkers to think twice about having that extra pint and hopefully lead tomore peaceful and enjoyable nights out for everyone.

The government make £14billion a year on alcohol tax, but have to spend £20billion a year repairing the damage caused by irresponsible drinking*. So their solution is to raise the alcohol tax, however, this isn’t a solution to the problem; it’s just repairing the damage caused by the problem. I think it’s unfair that responsible, innocent people should have to pay the price for irresponsible drinkers. The irresponsible drinkers should have to pay and take responsibility for their own actions.

Another advantage of having individual drinking licenses is that you won’t have to take your passport or driving license out to prove your age. A lot of 18-21 year olds have to do this and end up loosing them and have to pay up to £100 for a new one.

The card will consist of a small portrait photo of the card holder along with personal information such as; full name, date of birth, address and possibly some kind of barcode that can be scanned to reveal how many points the holder has on their license (however, this is unlikely as it will increase the cost of production and isn’t totally necessary). The card could also contain important information about how many units of alcohol is acceptable and what the consequences of irresponsible drinking are.

*Facts and figures were true at time of research, 2008. For more up-to-date information please visit any of the following websites;
Alcohol Concern 

Please leave your comments/questions below and discuss the idea, I’d like to know your thoughts.