Wayne Seddon | Graphic Designer

So, who am I and what do I do?

You’ve heard of UX and CX but what about MX?

What’s MX I hear you ask? MX is “My Experience”!

I’m an ambitious and driven designer who loves all things creative, techy and geeky. I come from a print background having studied Graphic Design at university and have since learnt HTML and CSS. Having used Flash in the earlier days of my career, I have adapted my skills with the ever changing landscape of the web design industry and have become a confident user of WordPress, which I use to build bespoke websites.

I’m currently Senior Web Designer for JD Williams where I look after how the brand looks online. So I have plenty of experience developing digital first brand guidelines, creating friendly user interfaces whilst keeping in mind the customer’s shopping experience. During my time at JD’s I’ve mentored junior web designers, helping them to learn HTML and CSS. I’ve also taken on tasks to help the team as a whole such as creating a new universal filing structure and naming conventions to help organise the work we do, as a result, it made things much easier for the team to find the assets they need when they have to jump from one brand to another. I also created a web design ‘job menu’ for the marketing team so they could pick the jobs they wanted completing and knew roughly how long that job would take up front, which helped us organise the weekly workload.

If you’de like to know more, visit the About Me page or download my CV

You can see examples of my work on my portfolio page or you can see a load of other design work on my Facebook Page

My motto in life is: “The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living.”

So if you’re looking for a digital designer to join your team, look no further, you’ve found him!

Any Questions?